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Why Is Google Suggesting That Long Tail Keywords Are More Important For SEO?

The most important thing to do is understand how your website will perform in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other major search engines. A great many experts believe that for the most part it does not matter what is entered into the search engine meta tags or keywords. These experts say that what matters is what the human searcher sees when they conduct a search on a particular topic. For instance, if a user searches for “motor parts” in Google and you rank for “motor parts” in the search engines, this is an indication that the human searcher saw your site and may click on the link. On the other hand, if your site ranked high for the misspelled word “motoring” Google searchers would be inclined to not click on the link and your business would suffer.

Rank Your Website


The best way to rank your website for maximum benefit is to optimize your on-page optimization so that you get as many natural search engine traffic as possible. Doing this requires some knowledge of how internet marketing works. However, there is one key concept that all internet marketing experts should agree on – no matter what a particular marketer believes, no matter how well known an internet marketer is, no matter what methods he/she uses to promote his/her products, no matter what results he/she sees in terms of rankings and no matter what he/she wants to achieve, each and every individual must be willing to embrace off-page and on-page optimization.


Google, Yahoo, and MSN are just three of the popular search engines that crawl the web. Because of this fact, each of these companies has their own individual algorithms that they use to crawl the web and rank websites. Each algorithm has its own voice and formula. In order for your website to benefit from these voices and formulas you must ensure that you adhere to all three of the above rules:


In order for your website to rank well and for it to stay ranked, it must have a great voice and great formula. This is especially true when it comes to the meta descriptions. Meta descriptions give the searcher a quick idea of what the page is about. However, if the page does not have a great voice and great formula then the meta description will not help with ranking. Make sure that you create quality content using relevant keywords.


Google has recently admitted that they have had trouble with social media due to the spam issue. On top of that Google has had trouble with the rankings of their social media pages, especially on Google+. However, with this issue hopefully things will change in the near future. If they do, Google is going to have to work a lot harder at getting their rankings back on track.


If you want to really benefit from the internet marketing efforts you should focus on off-page SEO. Organic SEO is going to give you the best chance at rank high because it is the best way to get indexed by the search engines. When you optimize for the keywords that are related to your website then you will get a higher rank. You should try to find keywords that can be used in an SEO campaign such as link building and article writing. With off-page SEO you are giving yourself the best chance at ranking high in the search engines.


The way Google measures a web pages ranking is based mostly on how many times a keyword appears in the web pages. The higher the search volume for the keywords you are targeting, the more influence they have on the results. The problem with relying solely on SEO for your website is that it takes a lot of time to do well. You may only get one chance to make a first impression so you need to make sure that you target keywords that have a high search volume but are less competitive. Long-tail keywords have a lower competition and Google has shown that they will reward long-tail keywords with higher rankings.


If you use SEO for your business and want to build a large site with a lot of traffic, Google’s suggestion is to use long-tail keywords. These keywords have a lower competition and Google will not penalize you for having them. They have fewer words but are more specific to your needs and this is what will help you rank well. Google has proven that they are the best way to get targeted traffic to your site and if you follow their rules you will rank better than any other method.

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