E-A-T, SEO Tips & Great Examples

E-A-T, SEO Tips & Great Examples

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Since the disruptive algorithm replaces some within the “Medic Update” within the trade name, SEO professionals have seen consecutive broad core algorithm updates from Google.

The search engine has indicated that “there is no such thing as a ‘repair'” required to get better from these updates.Alison beard HBR Google Search

However, some SEO execs have put ahead convincing research, together with this one from Lily Ray, that not demonstrating E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) in a website’s content material is usually a demolishing consider its search engine visibility.

Google mentions E-A-T 137 occasions within the present iteration of its 167-page search high-quality raters tips. It additionally advises that raters examine to see if the web page says the creator and lists their biography and credentials.

We should not take the standard raters’ tips as indicators of rating indicators, as they don’t immediately affect rankings.Very well fit author page example of E-A-T.

And Google has confirmed that they don’t rank websites based mostly on creator status.

So why even care about creator bios for SEO? You may be taught why creator bios matter and easy methods to write an SEO-friendly creator bio in this column.

You’ll additionally discover writing suggestions and a creator bio template that can assist you in getting began.

Author Authority and Google

Google’s John Mueller downplayed the need for creator bio pages for SEO. Instead, he has advised that they assist however are extra for person expertise.

“With regards to creator pages and experience, authority and trustworthiness, that is one thing the place I’d suggest checking that out along with your customers and doing perhaps a brief person research, particularly on your arrange, for the different setups that you’ve, attempting to determine how one can greatest present that the people who find themselves creating content material on your web site, they’re nice individuals, they’re individuals who know what they’re speaking about, they’ve credentials, or no matter is related inside your area.”

But Google has all the time cared about creator authority.

Take the concept of “creator rank” for a beginning.

This was mentioned by Bill Slawski when Google filed its Agent rank patent in 2005.

The concept was that the “status scores of the entire individuals who put the content material of a web page collectively performed a job within the rating of that web page.”

Then in 2011, Google introduced its authorship markup, “a solution to join authors with their content material on the internet.”

Back then, marking up creator pages with an accompanying Google Plus profile hyperlink utilizing’s rel=” creator” and rel=” me” was customary apply.

Authorship markup by no means claimed to supply any direct rating profit.

Instead, it was put ahead to assist search engines like google to have extra confidence concerning the creator’s identification and “spotlight authors in search outcomes.”

Google stopped displaying authorship in search outcomes and shut down Google Plus.

Despite this, their current announcement on ranking information sources revealed ongoing curiosity in authorship on the search engine’s half.

It reaffirmed the significance of creator authority to Google.

Within that announcement, creator bylines and creator bios featured as required methods to construct belief:

“This contains info like clear dates and bylines, details about authors, the information supply, firm or community behind it, and get in touch with info.”

In addition, on a current SEO webinar for publishers, Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan harassed the significance of getting a particular byline, not “By workers” for transparency.

from Google, August 2021

Not too long ago, Google has up-to-date its article on structured information and valuable, including the creator’s URL within the article schema.

 Screenshot from Google Search Central, August 2021

Google additionally claims to know which content material belongs to the identical creator.

They are testing new data panels for journalists, highlighting their most up-to-date articles.

The official phrase from Google could also be that creator bios will not be a rating issue. Still, a creator’s bio web page may profit from having clear bylines and data demonstrating experience.

It can solely help Google’s algorithms in understanding the creator’s E-A-T.

And this, in flip, could assist the rankings of these articles in search outcomes. Of course, that is purely interpretation. However, that is what the entire proof appears to inform us.

So how will you write a compelling creator bio of your personal?

8 Tips for Writing an SEO-Friendly Author Bio

  1. Write within the Third Person

Writing within the third individual will increase the perceived authority and reads higher than a biography about who they’re.

It could feel a bit self-congratulatory. But nevertheless, it provides extra credibility.

  1. Keep the Bio Short and Concise

An excellent creator bio needs to be comparatively brief. Look around at different websites, and you will see that between 50 and 100 phrases are the final norm discovered on most creator bios online.

There could also be a hard and fast quantity of houses predetermined by the CMS.

  1. Include Information on Job Title and Function

Including details about your work and performance provides credibility to your writing.

For instance, when you have been writing on SEO, being an SEO specialist can be considered more credible than being a PPC specialist and vice versa.

The performance is crucial, too.

Although SEO execs must wear several hats, understanding a generalist or specialist provides additional topical experience when studying a creator bio.

  1. Include Your Experience

Here, you may embody details about:

  • Years of expertise working in related areas.
  • Published works.
  • Citations.
  • Degrees and titles.
  • Conference appearances and different talking engagements.
  • Media protection.
  • Past jobs.
  1. Highlight Expertise & Trustworthiness

Summarize your experience on the subject that you’re writing about

For instance, if the difficulty you’re writing about is well-being, letting your viewers learn about your credentials in that matter is way extra credible than a similar article written by a blogger or copywriter.

It is crucial within the well-being and finance areas, specifically, to reveal data and experience of their site. These are known as Your Money, Your Life (YMYL), as misinformation can doubtlessly hurt an individual.

Stating experience on the creator bio is crucial for SEO for customers to assist them in determining you as a reputable supplier on the particular subject material.

  1. Include Social Media Profiles

Including hyperlinks to social media on the creator pages is another glorious approach for customers to enter extra content material from you. For instance, you may hyperlink your private or enterprise website and even your social media profiles.

It also can assist individuals in discovering your social media handles to tag you and your organization into their posts as a way to help readers proceed on the dialogue.

  1. Include a Good Photo

Adding an image of yourself as a part of your bio is usually an amicable visible solution to present to the reader that there’s a precise human behind the phrases they’ve learned.

I am using the identical photograph, ideally professionally taken, maybe a good way of associating an individual with a profile picture.

  1. Inject Your Personality

Although not essentially required for SEO, sharing private curiosity and humor could make a creator bio web page partaking and thrilling.

However, readers could solely be marginally thinking about your private life, so your bio might not be the most effective place to share an excessive amount of personal info.

Tips for Optimizing Your Author Bio

Use Separate URLs for Author Bio Pages

For SEO, having a creator bio web page on a separate URL is more accessible to optimize for creator names than together with all authors on a single about us web page.

For instance, let’s look at the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and The Guardian.

HBR uses a standalone about us web page to record their authors.

Screenshot from the seek for [katharine murphy guardian], Google, August 2021We get her creator profile web page as a standalone URL on the Guardian website within the primary place.

This is an excellent place to learn her newest articles.

Allow Author Bio Pages to Be Indexed

The widespread false impression around creator bio pages is that they need to be no-indexed.

Google article structured data change to include Author URL.

But why?

Why has Googlebot dropped that web page entirely from Google Search outcomes?

Similarly, the web page could also be blocked by way of the robots.txt file, as is the case with the Harvard Business Review:

Screenshot from, August 2021

People seek journalists or authors. Readers comply with them and even subscribe to their newsletters.

This kind of site visitor suggests loyal, navigational search site visitors.

There is the argument that some profile pages are low-quality and used for hyperlink spam, and you might want to no-index these.

However, if Author Bio Page SEO is the main focus and authors have experience in writing, it is a no-brainer to guarantee they’re listed and optimized.

On-Page SEO Tips for Author Profile Pages

The key phrase for creator profile pages is understandably the creator’s identity.

On-page SEO most excellent practices, critical phrase use, and web page hierarchy are essential components.

For instance, if we take the identical occasion of Katharine Murphy from the Guardian above:

 The Guardian additionally does an incredible job of creator profile web page inner linking.

On the article element pages, their template hyperlinks to their creator profile pages by way of the byline on every article created;


Google news on SEO transparency.Screenshot 

Harvard Business Review about us.Screenshot from, August 2021

Most creator searches use the creator’s first identity.

If we take [Alison Beard] and use her as a random instance, we can see that Google has related her with [HBR].

Google search of Screenshot from the seek for [alison beard], Google, July 2021This outcome would recommend that Google has linked Alison Beard with HBR in its data graph; however, it isn’t wholly confident who ought to take the primary place on Google.

We get a third-party website with the featured snippet if we do an extra navigational search [Alison Beard HBR].

Screenshot from the seek for [alison beard hbr], Google, August 2021An external website on this occasion isn’t the most effective place to learn extra HBR articles from Alison Beard.

Comparing this search outcome to The Guardian for one more creator at random [Katharine Murphy].

Katharine Murphy Guardian Google Search

Alison Beard profile page blocked by robots.Good on-page SEO example for author pages. Screenshot from, August 2021

Katherine Murphy article byline.Screenshot from, August 2021

As correctly as of their creator HTML sitemap:

The Guardian HTML author sitemap.Screenshot from, August 2021

They additionally present inner hyperlink fairness to this web page by inserting a hyperlink to its web page utilizing “All writers” on their footer template:

Link to author authors Guardian website footer.Screenshot of, August 2021

Name written of Dr. Jeff Grognet in his author bio.Screenshot from, August 2021

Author’s Name and Headshot

Example: Mike Eckstein

Author Bio example from Buffer blog.Screenshot from, August 2021

The Full Bio (Name, Headshot, Biography, and Supporting Features)

Dr. Gayathri Perera’s profile on Top Doctors UK within the medical house is the agency for SEO, UX, and CRO.

For SEO, the metadata is optimized correctly:

Meta data for author bio

Here’s what her profile does proper:

  • Excellent use of breadcrumbs to show website hierarchy and supply inner hyperlink fairness and relevance.

Home > Doctors > Dermatology > Dermatologists in Central London > Dr Gayathri Perera

  • Areas of her “experience” are listed linked to therapy info pages.
  • An expert private assertion is written within the third individual itemizing credentials, areas of experience, and {qualifications}.
  • A contact type to encourage lead era is “Book an appointment now.”

Doctor Gayathri Perera on Top Doctors Website.Screenshot from, August 2021

  • Videos, articles written, verified evaluations, and detailing her areas of experience with publications she has written and hyperlinks to her social media profiles.

Dr Gayathri Perera reviews on top doctor.Screenshot from, August 2021

  • Structured information is on the level.

Structured data of author bio page.Screenshot from, August 2021

Top Doctors could have the most influential creator bio web page instance.

Other Author Bio Page Examples for SEO

Top Doctors is especially spectacular within the medical house. However, the next is additionally good creator bio examples for SEO.


David Leonhart profile page new york times.Screenshot from, August 2021

David Leonhart’s profile within the New York Times is imposing.

Here, the bio hyperlinks to their “The Morning” publication encourage sign-ups, his background, trade awards, inner hyperlinks to his notable items, the “rise of digital media,” and data on his training.


Outside of the excellent profile web page fundamentals reminiscent of written within the third individual, details about expertise and demonstration of experience, the usage of the CTA on Andy Crestodina’s profile web page is what makes this notably suitable for an advertising creator bio instance.

CTA on a author bio profile page.Screenshot from, August 2021


Jill Greenfield’s damage bio follows the creator’s SEO greatest apply as mentioned above. Additionally, the usage of awards received in picture format is highly effective.

The inner hyperlink fairness that may be leveraged is sensible for SEO.

Legal author bio page example for SEO.Screenshot from, August 2021

Example member occasion the place Jill Greenfield was a speaker:

Screenshot from, August 2021

Health & Wellness

There is an abundance of excellent SEO examples of creator bio pages on authoritative well-being and wellness websites.

These kinds of websites fall immediately into the YMYL class. And these unfortunate sufficient to be in that area of interest from an SEO perspective have been believed to be hit the toughest from earlier core updates.

Google’s John Mueller has harassed the significance of E-A-T for this area of interest, and raters have been directed to place extra weight on it when offering suggestions to engineers.

This may very well be because of Google and different tech giants falling into the media highlight for helping the rise in misinformation and “pretend information,” poor high quality of online medical info, and vaccine misinformation.

Nevertheless, does an incredible job on this area of interest with its article pages and an astonishing instance.

The byline and the creator bio web page of the fact-checker pops out when your finger or cursor hovers over them.

They create incredible personal expertise and encourage reader engagement without taking them to a brand new URL or window.

The different sensible transfer to encourage reader belief is the short hyperlink to their editorial course. But unfortunately, it is a step some information websites fail to share regardless of having rigorous requirements.

Screenshot from, August 2021External link example use case for author profile page.

Sample Author Bio Template

Writing an excellent creator bio needs to be considered as vital as writing the article itself.

However, if you are caught on time or want a template you may share along with your consumer/group member, you can use the following template. Combine into one paragraph:

  • [Your Name] is [Your Role] with [Your Company] the place [he/she] [information on job function].
  • [Interesting facts about your history that add credibility to your authority on your subject.]
  • [Your Name] [Include/mention and link to professional achievement related to your subject].
  • [Fun fact with personality related to your subject].

Final Thoughts

There is extra to writing an excellent creator bio than SEO and demonstrating E-A-T.

It is all concerning the reader and how one can greatest serve their wants, seize their curiosity, and maintain their consideration.

Take, for instance, this Dutch writer’s subscriber performance on their creator bio pages.

Ellen deckwitz NRC good example author page functionalityScreenshot from, August 2021

As a subscriber, it’s attainable to comply with her writing by receiving a push alert when she publishes subsequent and have her articles included in your each day publication.

For SEO, have standalone URLs for creator profiles, permitting them to be listed, and ensure their on-page optimization for the creator’s identify is key greatest apply.

But in case you are in a more scrutinized area of interest reminiscent of YMYL, go into the small print that reveals E-A-T because the Top Doctors instance above has proven.

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